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"Let us imagine that moved by jealousy, curiosity, or vice I have just glued my ear to the door and looked through a keyhole. I am alone and on the level of non-thetic self-consciousness. This means first of all that there is no self to inhabit my consciousness, nothing therefore to which I can refer my acts in order to qualify them... behind the door, a spectacle is presented as 'to be seen', a conversation as 'to be heard'. The door, the keyhole are at once both instruments and obstacles... there is a spectacle to be seen behind the door only because I am jealous, but my jealousy is nothing except the simple fact that there is a sight to be seen behind the door... and since I am what I am not and since I am not what I am — I cannot even define myself as truly being in the process of listening at the door. I escape this provisional definition of myself. But all of a sudden I hear footsteps in the hall. Someone is looking at me! What does this mean?... First of all, I now exist as myself for my unreflective consciousness. It is this irruption of the self which has been most often described: I see myself because somebody sees me — as it usually expressed. This way of putting it is not wholly exact... I apprehend it as not being for me, since on principle it exists for the Other... Shame reveals to me that I am this being, not in the mode of 'was' or 'having to be' but in-itself." — Jean-Paul Sartre

Blaze Starr photographed by Diane Arbus

[Blaze Starr photographed by Diane Arbus]

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