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"I will tell thee... the only ways of enquiry that exist for thinking: the one way, that it is and cannot not-be, is the path of Persuasion, for it attends upon Truth; the other, that it is-not and needs must not be, that I tell thee is a path altogether unthinkable. For thou couldst not know that which is-not (that is impossible) nor utter it; for the same thing exists for thinking and for being... That which can be spoken and thought needs must be; for it is possible for it, but not for nothing, to be; this is what I bid thee ponder... This is the first way of inquiry from which I hold thee back, and then from that way also on which mortals wander knowing nothing, two-headed, hordes devoid of judgement, who are persuaded that to be and to be-not are the same, yet not the same, and for whom the path of all things is backward-turning." — Parmenides

Porta Rosa, Elea Italy

[Porta Rosa: Elea, Italy]

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